Compilation Services Singapore

Your company may be exempted from audit if it is a Private Exempt Company (“EPC”). EPC means that no corporate shareholder in the company and the number of shareholders in the company is not more than 20. In addition:

  • Annual revenue of the company does not exceed $5 million for financing years starting on and after 1 June 2004,
  • Shareholders who represent 5% or more of a company’s ordinary shares do not request for audit, or
  • Banks or other creditors/financial Companies do not require auditing.

Companies exempt from audit and filing requirement are still required to prepare a full set of financial statements (compilation report) including explanatory notes. This report must be accompanied by the Directors’ Report and the Statement by Directors and must be prepared in compliance with the Financial Reporting Standards (“FRS”).

Estimated fees for reference: (please contact us for free quotation)

Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statements

Compilation Report Fees : SGD$300

Statutory Financial Statements consists of:
(a) Statement of Financial Position
(b) Statement of Comprehensive Income
(c) Statement of Changes in Equity
(d) Statement of Cash Flows
(e) Basic Notes to the Accounts

Requirement of Other Items (if applicable) to be presented in the Compilation Report (with additional Charges and information):
(1) Fixed Assets (Property, Plant & Equipment) : SGD$100
(2) Investment : SGD$100
(3) Investment Property : SGD$150
(4) Inventory (Stock) : SGD$100
(5) Foreign Currency Transactions : SGD$200
(6) Borrowings / Hire Purchase : SGD$200
(7) Consolidation of Group Accounts : SGD$600

11 + 15 =