Company Income Tax Singapore

Every business decision entails a tax implication. As such, obtaining effective and accurate tax advice is crucial to your business operations. Given the ever-increasing complexity of tax regulations, finding the right tax consultant to guide you through is vital to any successful business.

Being accredited by the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Practitioner, we assist in preparation and submission of the Annual Tax Return (Form C, tax computation) and Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI).

Taxation is required to meet the following statutory filing deadlines set by Government:

Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI): within 3 months from the financial year end of your company.
Filing of annual tax return (Form C, tax computation and financial statements): by 30 November each year.

Singapore’s corporate tax rate is 17%. The effective tax rate is in fact lower due to partial exemptions available to all companies and even more favorable exemptions available to new companies. With its extensive double tax treaty network and absence of capital gains coupled with exemptions, these benefits have definitely made Singapore the most attractive location for companies to set up.

Estimated fees for reference: (please contact us for free quotation)

Preparation of Basic Tax Computation  – SGD$150

Requirement of Other Items (if applicable) to be tabulated in deriving the Tax Computation and the Filing of the Forms (with additional Charges and information) :

(1) Additional fixed assets for computing capital allowance  – SGD$50
(2) Determine the deductibility of specific expense  – SGD$50
(3) Apply for waiver for dormant company – SGD$50
(4) Filing of ECI  – SGD$50
(5) Attending to IRAS queries  – Starting from SGD$50

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