Bookkeeping Services Singapore

Timely and accurate financial information is imperative for any business or company to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. Reliable information is a vital fundamental in building confidence in the value of an organization, both for the investor and the public.

By outsourcing the accounting function to a professional and ethical firm, you can potentially save substantially on accounting costs and also experience numerous benefits:

  • No worrying about staff turnover and lack of continuity for the accounting job/position
  • Management time is freed up from administrative & accounting functions to focus on business decision-making
  • Be assured of high data accuracy and integrity by a professional firm

BizCom offers a full range of online and computerized bookkeeping services for companies who need a proper and complete set of financial statements including the following, but not limited to,

  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Accounts Payable Ledger Maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable Maintenance
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets Ledger Maintenance
  • Financial Statements & Reports (Monthly, Quarterly, Year-End Review)
  • Management Reporting
  • Backlog Cleanup

Estimated Fees For Reference

Monthly or Quarterly bookkeeping (per month /per quarter)

  • Low volume transactions: Starting from SGD$100 to SGD$200
  • Medium volume transactions: Starting from SGD$200 to SGD$500
  • High volume transactions: Starting from SGD$500 to SGD$800

Annual bookeeping (per year)

  • Low volume transactions: Starting from SGD$100 to SGD$300
  • Medium volume transactions: Starting from SGD$300 to SGD$600
  • High volume transactions: Starting from SGD$600 to SGD$1200

The level of transactions is determined by:

Level Of Transactions Number of Sale Invoices Turnover Amount No. Of Cheque Payments Bank Statement Transactions
(No. Of Pages)
Low 0 – 20 SGD$0 – SGD$50k 0 – 10 1
Medium 20 – 50 SGD$50k – SGD$500k 10 – 30 1 – 2
High >50 >SGD$500k >30 >2

11 + 15 =